Last Year I Joined Two Cults

“It just works.”

“I want one.”

“Geeking out.”

These are phrases I heard and read a lot last year. 2010 was the year I joined two cults. Technically a cult is a group of fanatics that are typically not only strange, but often destructive and leaning towards evil. Anyone who knows me can already figure out that’s not where I’m going with this. But I did in fact affiliate myself with two organizations that have a strong following of people. Let me explain.

The possibilities...

The first cult I joined in 2010 was Apple. As I was getting to know some people on blogs and in the business world, it seemed like everyone had a Mac. There’s also this subculture of Christian leaders who swear by their MacBook Pro (“MBP” when referring to your machine online). These same people also kept talking about their iPhone. Have you ever heard a group of people go on and on about their Dell computer or their Nokia phone? In my defense I was against both the computer and the phone. My ThinkPad was my favorite computer of all time. It was powerful and very mobile-friendly. And with the phone, I had always purchased high-end phones that were small and very powerful, allowing me to be very productive and organized. So I wasn’t looking to change my computer or phone.

But the summer of 2010 had a series of events that all converged into a season of change for me. My laptop started to have issues with the hard drive and the USB ports. It only had 40GB of space, which is obviously small by today’s standards (that also shows you how long and devoted I was to my ThinkPad). And my phone was a Blackberry that I really liked. But do you want to know the backstory? I traded a jacket for an iPod Touch and fell in love with it. I was carrying it everywhere for my email, notes, pictures, music, internet, podcasts – everything entertaining and educational to fill any downtime in my day. I thought, “If the iPod Touch is so useful, and I’m carrying it in addition to my phone, why don’t I get the iPhone?”The evolution of my productivity

The ThinkPad and the phone were at their end and I was faced with a decision. All the cool trendy people where using Apple. But that’s not a reason to switch. What put me over the edge was seeing some high-end people, CEOs and very successful large and small business owners proud of their productivity workhorses – their Apple iPhone and MacBook Pro laptops.

So I converted.

And I’ll probably never go back. As many people say of an Apple product: “It just works.” I’m not going to pretend to be a tech geek that can tell you the 10 reasons Mac is better than PC. I don’t know the ins and outs of Mac OS. But I’ll just say that I demand a lot of my phone and my machine, and my iPhone and MBP don’t disappoint – in fact they’ve exceeded my expectations for productivity. Additionally, I literally look forward to using both devices more than my old phone or computer.

Want to hear the other cult I joined in 2010? I’ll write about that next week.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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