YMCA Beginner 5K

I started teaching some classes at the YMCA Dane county this spring and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be overseeing the Beginner 5K program at both the east and the west branches. This is a great project for me since I can put the program together with ease and it gives me another great opportunity to coach new athletes. When I was teaching at Harbor Athletic Club, I had a sports conditioning class that went so well that the group continued to meet without me for years after I left that club.

First 5K YMCA

Community is a big part of being successful with your health. I think people crave community and challenge. That’s why the sports conditioning class went so well. And that’s why the 5K class will go so well, too. The beginner 5K class has an additional advantage in that we have a clear goal to work towards. Running a 5K race for the first time will add significant motivation for this group.

As I continue to develop my business, my expertise and my passion for helping people pursuit their health, I’m enjoying the story it’s creating. In the near future I’ll be incorporating other people’s stories, also. Community with a group of runners or a group of athletes in a class is fantastic. But being the digital guy that I am makes me want to develop an online community also. How cool would it be to have a group sharing your fitness story. You challenge them, they challenge you. We all learn and share this journey together! I believe in the power of that. Digital will never replace in person. But it can be a great extension.

I’m always here if you want advice, coaching, or accountability. As I finalize my race schedule for the year, I’d love to hear what you’re up to and if you’ll join me on the course in the near future.

Happy training!

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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