10daysbetterblog 05

Today’s blogging workshop, day five of ten, is directing the participants to shift from the creator (me) to the content (the blog). What do I write about? How does it get organzied on the blog? Specifically, I’m considering adjustments to my strategy. I’m not changing strategies, I’m not starting a new sub-strategy, I’m simply looking at two aspects: categories and tags. Immediately when I read the challenge for the day, I resonated with the concept because I know how many times I write a blog post and then struggle with picking caegories after the fact. I ignore this discontent, but now John’s smacking me right in the face with it. Thanks, brother! My discontent is due to the fact that I’m writing something top of mind, probably (kind of) on topic, but certainly not as intentional as it should be. I kind of “make it fit” into categories when I’m done. John suggests 3-5 cagegories. He’s right. I need to fight the urge to write about all things. Pick my 3-5, assign the category before I write and makes sure it makes sense before I publish. Same thing with tags. When (really) is the last time you clicked a tag on a blog to find more of that topic. Just doesn’t happen. So maybe those should be eliminated all together?

For me this isn’t going to be a project of actually going back to change things. But rather I need to pick my categories and write about only those. I’m really tempted to have a miscellaneous category – some kind of hodge-podge for those blog posts I can’t not write. But we’ll see.

After only four minutes of analysis, I’m pretty frustrated with my lack of focus. I have categories like “grad school”, leadership, blogging. These aren’t the things I blog about. Sure, they’re part of my story, but to be sucessful as a writer, to be seen as an authority, I need to have a lot more to say that what’s represented here. I need to prune these away. I need to make room for what’s really important: exercise research and exercise application. My goal is to bridge the gap between the exercise research lab and the exercising community. I love those other categories, but I have to focus.

Life is a series of adjustments. As I enter the second half of this workshop, I’ve looked deep inside myself and now I’m looking deeper inside my content. I need to adjust. It’s not intimidating at all. We all need to adjust, we all need to stay sharp and focused. This was an essential exercise for me.