What can I say, I’d been waiting for January 14 for months! It marked the 2-day, 4-episode premiere of 24. Jack Bauer is back!!

I know some people wonder how many times a single man can save the country. The answer is as many times as the country needs a hero like Jack Bauer. Here’s some info on Jack:


Department of Defense, Washington DC – Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense CTU – Director of Field Operations, Los Angeles Domestic Unit CTU – Former Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles Domestic Unit Los Angeles PD – Special Weapons and Tactics

LASD – Basic SWAT School Master of Science, Criminology and Law – University of California (Berkeley) Bachelor of Arts, English Literature – University of California (Los Angeles) Special Forces Operations Training Course

US Army – Combat Applications Group, Delta Force Counter Terrorist Group

Widowed Daughter – Kimberly Bauer

Are you catching the drift? This is serious stuff. At least to some of us. Sunday night Katie and I watched the premiere together. Then Monday night we got together with the Metzgers and Cranneys for the 2nd night. If you’re not already into this show, I doubt you’ll check it out. But if you want a thrilling drama every Monday night, you can catch up in one night. Otherwise email me and I’ll give you a summary.

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