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93 Minutes for three weeks

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff of summer. To get yourself ready for all the things you want to do, I have a single training tip that will guarantee success: be greatly consistent.

The last two times I was on Fit and Fabulous I talked about my monthly training program called In Pursuit Athlete. It’s based on the First Four pieces of equipment I think people should buy when starting their home gym. The program delivers five workouts per week using that equipment but also includes modifications for less or no equipment (body weight version). That’s the program, now how do we get it done?

Many people struggle with their fitness program because they think they need to be consistently great. I can appreciate the lofty goal, but a better mindset is to be greatly consistent. We are not out trying to win competitions; we are trying to become the strongest and fittest versions of ourselves we can be – for our family, for our friends, for our community.

Health and fitness professionals will tell you that current exercise guidelines are for adults to get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. Examples include recreational swimming, doubles tennis, brisk walking, and casual biking. The guidelines also allow for 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity. Examples include singles tennis, biking faster than 10mph, running/jogging, hiking uphill or with a heavy backpack, and swimming laps.

Starting Monday there are three full weeks until the end of the Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of summer. Tomorrow on Fit and Fabulous I will be announcing a weekly challenge to help us be greatly consistent.

It’s called Challenge 93. Your challenge is to get 93 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every week through the end of the Memorial Day weekend. Yes, it’s partly based on 93.1 JAMZ but it’s also scientific, 93 minutes is within the guidelines range of 75-150 minutes per week. Now 93 is closer to that 75-minute guideline of vigorous activity so most of your minutes should be just that. If moderate intensity is more up your alley, try to get closer to the 150-minute range. We are working on the honor system – the goal is to be greatly consistent!

Use this challenge to jump start your summer. Use #Challenge93 on social media to show people what you did, why you’re doing it, and get other ideas for your next workout. This type of challenge is what got my friend Jon into his fitness program – tag a friend and start Challenge 93 this weekend!

15 Years Ago Today (iPhone)

15 years ago today (iPhone)

I believe this is the greatest product released in my lifetime. I regret not getting the original iPhone. In just a quick glance at my tech list on Twitter, I see that Apple has 70% market share for smartphones in the 18-24 age group. The original iPhone didn’t have copy and paste functionality and it shipped with 16GB of storage only available on AT&T. It was described as “an iPod, a phone and internet communicator.”

15 years ago today

One Day Camp at Governor Dodge State Park

I knew I wanted to camp one more time this year… hopefully in a little cooler weather. Katie had to prep for her annual meeting (virtual this year – lots of work!) so this past weekend I took the kids to Governor Dodge State Park for a night of camping.

On this trip I wanted to teach the kids a card game and it worked! I introduced them to Hearts. Saturday night I taught Sorin and Norah while Christian watched. At the end of the night, Christian asked if we could play the next morning because he wanted to play. And he got it! (Earlier this week we played as a family and he actually won our first game!)

What I’ve learned is that camping takes a pretty good financial investment (I love the gear, especially the good stuff). Camping also takes an investment in time and patience (yes they’re getting good but dad is the pack mule and workhorse). But the benefits of getting outside, waking up in a tent, making the campsite work is worth every dollar and ounce of sweat you put in – great memories for the family.

12 Days of Fitness

Many people will look at the calendar today and say “Friday the 13th!” But I see the beginning of the 12 Days of Fitness! Since many of us are leading up to Christmas, those of us in the health and fitness world put together workouts that lead up to December 25th. And to get in 12 days, that means we start today on the 13th!

Here’s how this works. Start with Day 1 and do the exercise. Tomorrow you’ll do Day 2 and (as the song says) also do Day 1. Each day you’ll do the exercise plus all of the exercises from previous days. By Christmas Day you’ll have a nice 30 minute workout put together and hopefully a streak of 12 days of workouts.

Sing it with me: “On the first day of Fitness my trainer gave to me…”

1st day: 1-minute jumping jacks
2nd day: 2 minutes of side shuffle and skips
3rd day: 3 plank walk-ups on each side
4th day: 4 reverse lunges on each side
5th day: 5 sets of squats
6th day: 6 side lunges
7th day: 7 push-ups
8th day: 8 hip hinges
9th day: 9 burpees
10th day: 10×10 jump ropes
11th day: mountain climbers
12th day: 12 reps of the Faithful Four (push-ups, sit-ups, squats, reverse lunges)

Now the exercise build on themselves but as you get to the middle days, don’t forget to get a good warm-up in. Have fun with this! This will just be an add-on to your normal workout or it may be a jump start to your workout routine for 2020.

Let me know if you have any questions and as always, Happy Training!

NaNoWriMo Chapter 10: Hip Hinge

Disclaimer: this exercise is safe for most individuals but at the same time has one of the biggest potentials for injury so please do not attempt this if you have a known back injury, history of injury, or even apprehension. Contact me and I’ll discuss your next step.

Imagine someone standing immediately to your side and taking an imaginary rod and putting it through one hip so it comes out the opposite side. The hip hinge is executed by “hinging” around that rod as you bend forward and then stand upright.


Wisconsin Sports

Your goals + Hans’ plan

Thanks for watching me on Best of Wisconsin Sports. I’m not sure what exactly interested you from the interview but I’m fairly confident that your goals + my plan will lead to your next level of health and fitness.

There is no better investment than your health, which is why my goal is to help everyone pursue a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. If you need a jump start to your health or a refresh and new challenge to your fitness, online training with me is probably what will make this your best summer ever!

Sign up for monthly online training and you’ll get 24/7 access to me. We will establish a couple S.MA.R.T. goals and put together a plan to get this next journey started. I’m offering Wisconsin Sports viewers 25% off my monthly training with the promo code WISCOSPORTS.

After signing up, follow me on Instagram and Facebook for my weekly updates and please say hi! Life is a team sport – does anyone else in your world need a trainer! If you refer someone drop me a line – I’ve got a special thank you for spreading the love!

Happy Training!

Online training with Hans 24/7


Fit and Fabulous Interval Workouts

Today I joined Krista and Tracy on Fit and Fabulous and we discussed interval training. Anyone who has worked with or watched me train know that this is one of my staples. Interval training is quite simply the fastest way to improve your fitness.

Why interval training?

  • the intervals are fully customizable (novice and experts challenged in the same workout!)
  • Extremely efficient: 20 minutes and this personal trainer awards you all-star status
  • Helps your slower cardio workouts to get better
  • You’re more likely to stick to it because the challenges are endless, no two workouts are the same
  • Google it – HIIT and interval training are the real deal

Here’s how to start interval training. Get an interval timer app on your phone. For iPhone is use Interval Timer. Set your timer for two intervals, 20 seconds for one and 10 seconds for the other. For the 20-second interval pick one of these exercises and do 4 rounds.

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Jump rope
  • Battle rope
  • Med ball slams
  • Med ball toss
  • Box jumps
  • Kettlebell squats
  • Burpees
  • Push-ups
  • Reverse lunges

Interval training will feel challenging at first. But as you slowly and methodically incorporate a few rounds into your workout routine, you will notice not only your body getting stronger but also your mind getting stronger. I believe it is your fastest track to better fitness this spring.

Happy training! Let me know if you have any questions!