One Day Camp at Governor Dodge State Park

I knew I wanted to camp one more time this year… hopefully in a little cooler weather. Katie had to prep for her annual meeting (virtual this year – lots of work!) so this past weekend I took the kids to Governor Dodge State Park for a night of camping.

On this trip I wanted to teach the kids a card game and it worked! I introduced them to Hearts. Saturday night I taught Sorin and Norah while Christian watched. At the end of the night, Christian asked if we could play the next morning because he wanted to play. And he got it! (Earlier this week we played as a family and he actually won our first game!)

What I’ve learned is that camping takes a pretty good financial investment (I love the gear, especially the good stuff). Camping also takes an investment in time and patience (yes they’re getting good but dad is the pack mule and workhorse). But the benefits of getting outside, waking up in a tent, making the campsite work is worth every dollar and ounce of sweat you put in – great memories for the family.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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