25 Years Ago Today (Moving to Madison)

25 years ago today:

I moved to Madison as a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. My mom drove me, helped me set up my dorm room, and then said goodbye… which of course was a very big deal for both of us, for slightly different reasons… all good! Anyone who knows my mom can imagine the tears (all of them good). And for me it was the start of a new chapter: Badger life.

Do you remember the exact day you moved to college? I didn’t…

Earlier this week I told my mom that this fall is 25 years since I moved to Madison for college. I asked her if she knew what day that was (she writes a lot of stuff like that down). This one she didn’t know, but messaged me hours later: “I have an idea!”

Mom’s Calendar, August 1996

She still has her calendar from August 1996 – who does that?! Apparently her and her friends… she told the story to a friend who admitted she keeps her old calendars also! Amazing!

Mom, thanks for taking me to college, all the help in getting me set up and moved in, all the mail that first year (homemade cookies in Pringle’s containers!), and becoming a great Badger Mom.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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