Power in Numbers

Just because I talk about fitness, do a lot of fitness, and know a lot about fitness doesn’t mean I always like to workout. We all have these times, right? We’re in our area of passion, our area of expertise. But we have those days (or even seasons) when we lack that motivation to take it to the next level. Maybe we don’t even want to show up.

I’ve found that a lot of my motivation comes from the desire to compete against a goal or even compete against someone else. I’m not talking about necessarily training harder or finishing faster than the person. The key here is having others in your Inner Circle to compare training stories.

Right now it’s the start of February and it’s really cold here in Madison, WI. And I love the cold. (I really do.) But the idea of going out for a 4-mile run sounds as appealing as preparing my taxes. My motivation is 90 miles away, and he’s keeping me honest if not spurring me on.

My brother-in-law, Grant, is having a great start to his training season. He’s signed up for the Dam-to-Dam in Iowa in June and it looks like I’ll be joining him. The competitor in me is getting motivation when I hear about his workouts and the mileage he’s up to. Remember, I’m not saying I want to run more or faster than him (“resist the urge to trash talk, resist the urge…”). The competitor in me won’t accept the fact that he’s working out and I’m not. That’s gotten motivated this last week.

Community is essential in exercise and fitness. There’s not many people that I know who can sustain workouts and competitions all by themselves. Training partners make a huge difference, even if you’re not actually training with them. It gives you good conversation topics with that person and it stretches you to think about your training.

Do you find community anywhere in your workouts?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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