Prepare the Cuisinart, Prepare for the Day

I like coffee.  A lot.

And so when my father-in-law found out we were using a European coffee pot that brewed about 1.5 cups per attempt, he knew I needed an upgrade.  So for Christmas he bought me the Cuisinart 12-cup coffee machine.  My favorite feature on this model is the ability to preset the machine to brew.

But as great as the machine is, it won’t brew coffee all by itself.  I need to do a few things each night:

  • clean out the last round’s coffee grounds
  • grind new coffee
  • fill the water
  • make sure the preset is for 10 minutes before my alarm wakes me up

If I do these things the night before, my next day starts without a hitch.  (Unless my daughter gets up too early.)  This ritual got me thinking about personal productivity.  What other things can I do the day before to make the next day go without a hitch.  The more accurate question (using football lingo) is how can I call a few plays the day before to make the next day start off with energy?

Successful leaders are like the Boy Scouts: always be prepared.  I always loved that motto, and as life seems to be getting more complicated and even more dependent on my decisions as a husband/father, I’ve realized that planning is essential for my success.  When I think through the next day’s first few plays, I rest easier at night and transition to work more smoothly the next morning.

So each evening I try to call a few plays for the next day – I prep my schedule and I prep my Cuisinart.   What about you?  Do you prepare a detailed game plan for the day, week, or month?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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