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As our world goes more and more digital, the tools and resources at our disposal are increasingly more efficient. Do you find yourself taking notes on multiple sheets of paper? Do you find websites or pictures you’ll want to access later on? Do you have meeting notes from work or from your spouse that you cannot afford to lose? With Evernote, you can keep all these things and more in one place. The best thing about it is that you can access it from multiple devices. I have mine on my personal phone, work phone, iPad, and laptop!

I use this app most often while I’m at work. On any given day, I use Evernote to:

  • take notes on the details of our work from the day
  • get customers’ contact info
  • track hours
  • take notes on our staff for the purposes of leadership development
  • Take pictures of a job site to discuss with the boss or customer at a later time

One time I took some notes from a customer and I emailed the note to the boss. All of the notes are fully searchable, so nothing gets lost.

My free account does everything I want right now. I currently don’t need the Premium versions, but your use may differ. On my free account, I have two notebooks set up – one for personal and one for work.

So if you’re looking for a free app to take all your notes and never lose another piece of information, check out Evernote. I’d love to hear in the comments if you use it or if you’ll give it a test run.

** UPDATE 1/29/11 **
After hearing in the comments section that you can search the text of a picture in Evernote, I was shocked! But I tried it. I took a picture of a notecard that I used on Thursday for my list of things to do. I uploaded it to Evernote and then searched for an item on the card – it worked! Whiteboards, menus, notecards, recipes – everything to Evernote.

4 thoughts on “Productivity Essential – Evernote

  1. Matthew Peters

    Great tool. My favorite feature is that I can take photos of my 8′ x 4′ whiteboards after my brainstorming sessions – then AMAZINGLY I can search the handwritten notes on the board from the photos I took. The first time I saw this feature, I couldn’t believe that it could read my lousy handwriting.

    It also makes words on voice recordings searchable as well.

    Highly recommend this app on iTunes. Free lite version.

    Another great free app is Dragon Dictation.

    1. Hans Post author

      I agree Matthew. You’ve got me convinced – I’ve got to try the searchable Whiteboard Sessions. And I too have been experimenting with Dragon Dictation on iPhone. You can send email, Twitter, SMS, note, and other options very easily. You can even pause and add on to the same note multiple times.

  2. Rolandgreco


    how do you track your hours on Evernote?
    Also all your daily notes you type directly into Evernote?

    thank you,

    1. Hans Post author

      Roland, when I say I “track hours” I just mean that I have a note that is an ongoing list – I update the day and hours each day. But if I do it from my work phone from work or at my desk when I get home, it’s the same file across all my devices.

      Regarding daily notes, same thing. I have some ongoing files (documents) I update most days. When I think of it, I write it down and it stays in Evernote.

      Are you an Evernote user?


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