We all have the athlete within

The beautiful 4th of July weekend is over.  It’s time to get back to work.  Wasn’t that weekend invigorating!  It seemed every time I turned around someone was biking, running, kayaking, swimming, or water skiing.  This weekend always seems to get people outside and active.  Which is a great thing… unless you don’t have the physical abilities to participate. 
We all have an athlete within ourselves.  We see the runners, the bikers, even the water skiers and think, “Boy does that look fun.  But I can’t do what they’re doing.  They must practice that all the time.  They must have been doing that for years.”
But you know what?  At one time they were right where you are.  They’re right where I am!  I can run and bike, but I don’t swim or ski or kayak recreationally.  I’d get blown out of the water if I went and worked out in any of those sports.  I offer two suggestions.
Be self-taught

You do not need a professional coach or specialized training to go start these activities right now.  Sure, the water skiing will take a little more effort, but it’s not rocket science.  So maybe you start with the running and biking.  Teach yourself some basic form.  Go online and find a YouTube video tutorial.  Learn how to change a flat on your bike, put on a helmet and go for a ride.  Go rent a kayak at your local shop and paddle.  Teach yourself to run, bike, and swim for three days per week for one month.



Don’t wait for a training partner.  Don’t sign up for lessons.  Don’t use the weather as an excuse.  Don’t buy $150 running shoes.  Just go.  Go now.  Why?  Because you’re good enough right now and you’ll be amazed at your progress after three weeks.  That’s all it will take for you to start a routine and see the results.

We all have an athlete within us.

The strength and beauty of the human body is a work of art.  Enjoy and train yours and you’ll feel so much better about your days and weeks.  Teach yourself and go.  Then come back and tell me about it.
As for me, I’m going for a bike ride and then starting my speed workouts.  You?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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