Workout Essentials: iPod Shuffle

Simplicity is beautiful.  And nothing is more simple than an iPod Shuffle.  I’ve tried some of the others a few years back, but when Katie and I bought our first one, we never looked back.  This little music players holds plenty of songs for a workout, clips right to your shorts or shirt, and you hardly know it’s there.  Yes, your iPhone is also a music player.  So is the iPod Touch, but do they really look like they’re ready to go around the block with you? 

One barrier to running that I hear all the time is that it takes so much time.  Well, yes that is true but what if you could multi-task?  What if you actually enjoyed some time to yourself with some of your favorite songs you don’t get to hear anymore in the busyness of your day?  Or what if you downloaded a few podcasts and learned something?  My church puts their sermons online and so do many other churches I follow from around the country.  What I’m saying is that a 4-mile run suddenly turns into a 30 minute listening session of your favorite audio.  You’re able to get away, yet actually stay connected and plugged in – productive!

I absolutely love my iPod Shuffle and it’s an essential component to my training.  So what’s on mine?  Currently I have three playlists going – U2, a workout mix, and random favorites. I also have two sermons from my church and 3 interviews from the Catalyst podcast.

At $49 you can afford this luxury.  Literally it has paid for itself many times over because I know that having music or different audio selections has facilitated my workouts.  One of ours died a few months back and we didn’t even think twice about going to purchase another one.  Workouts should be fun and should provide emotional excitement.  Music is a big component in that process for many of us.  And the iPod Shuffle makes that happen seamlessly.

Do you have a music player of choice?

Has boredom ever kept you from working out?

What songs are on your iPod?

2 thoughts on “Workout Essentials: iPod Shuffle

  1. Stephanie Seefeldt

    Our family has 4 shuffles, one nano, one 30 gig w/video, and two touches. we are iPod people and we LOVE them. Yes, that’s 8 ipods. And we are a family of six. Totally agree with you!!!

    1. Hans Schiefelbein

      I know Steph – so great.  I actually don’t like the new Shuffles b/c they’re too small while you’re working out, hard to switch songs.  But it has playlists which is brilliant.  You’ll be an iPhone gal pretty soon.  Come on, admit it – you want one.  And what about that iPad?  Still interested?


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