Baby Prep

I haven’t written about our pregnancy all summer, and I’m not sure why. I’ve certainly thought about it, but I think it’s one of those things that’s been so new for us, it’s been hard to put thoughts and words to the whole process. Instead, I’ve been writing about sports – go figure.

Obviously I think about our baby all the time. Want to know what his name is? Stay tuned for that one… Being pregnant has been such an interesting experience for Katie and me. I guess as I write tonight I can say it’s gone quite fast. But recounting the nights when sleep was at a premium reminds me that parts of this process have been very difficult.

Lately my thoughts and words to Katie have been the following: I am so proud of her in the way she’s brought our son to life in such a healthy way. She’s been so aware of her diet and physical activity all this time. She’s read so much about pregnancy. She’s found so many pieces of furniture – the crib, changing table, and car seats. And she even found some time to pick out some cute outfits for Junior. I’ve actually enjoyed that last part – I might be that dad who dresses his son to match himself. Picture it – I’ll make it a reality this fall.

I guess I have a little regret that I haven’t documented our pregnancy these last 9 months. But at the same time – an unapologetically – it’s been Our Time. We’ve enjoyed the privacy and intimacy of a whole new life experience together. That’s been very special for us. Fun, funny, hard, and educational to say the least. And now we climax with the final week. 5 days until we start a whole new experience.

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