Back By Popular Demand

Well, there hasn’t exactly been popular demands for me to return to this blog, but it sounded like a good comeback line

It’s been three months and a day since I’ve posted on the Game Plan. I had just finished my first marathon. Like my running habit, my blogging habit fell by the wayside. Summer was very busy for Katie and me. We’ve had a lot of fun at weddings and grilling out. I’ve played some golf and we had our first garage sale. We made it to Summerfest, a Brewers game, and have enjoyed my favorite show, West Wing, on DVD many nights.

At the end of July, we decided not to renew our lease at 6314 McKee Road b/c we had found a house to rent off Monroe Street. I’ll update with some pics later on.

I guess the other big news for me is that I’ve decided to officially step away from college ministry. I have been a part of things since Blackhawk hired Matt Metzger to be the pastor for this ministry. I could go on and on, but again, I’d like to give it some time and write at a later date.

So I can officially say that I’m back. Summer just got really busy. Now I’ve got this great office to work from, and life just seems more organized. Looking back on some of the pics, I’m realizing we really had some fun, so I’ll certainly get back to recap the summer. Until then, here’s a few moments:

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