Book Review: Creating Your Personal Life Plan by Michael Hyatt

This week one of my favorite voices on the internet, Michael Hyatt, came out with an e-book entitled “Creating Your Personal Life Plan.”  The premise of the books is that if you don’t plan your life and take initiative, you will end up somewhere you don’t want to be.  For Michael that was burning out and breaking down, professionally and personally.

I’m not a fast reader, and I read this book in one night.  It’s a collection of blog posts that he wrote over the last few years.  He’s polished them up and blended them into a very practical game plan.  Hyatt organizes the book into three sections – outcomes, priorities, and action plans.  Some of his thoughts are based off of David Allen’s Getting Things Done which I wrote about earlier.  I also see a big influence from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

For me the book was a good reminder that I need to start with the end: how do I want people to remember me?  What do I want to accomplish at the end of my life and career?  Then I need to carefully process next action steps towards those goals.  The book is a perfect length for this type of reflective activity.  You can read the book in one or two nights, but that’s where the whole process simply begins.  The real soul of the process comes in the planning part of “Creating your Personal Life Plan.”  What you need to do is take these tools, these ideas, and reflect on where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to do.  And he gives you the tools.  He’s included simple Word and Excel files for you to use as you brainstorm and plan this activity.

Do you feel like you’re in control of your destination?  Is life pushing you around?  Could this book be worth one evening of reading?  Oh, did I mention it’s free?!??

Check out Michael Hyatt’s free e-book and invest a couple days in yourself.  You’re worth it.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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