Poking Thoughts Into Seth Godin’s New Book

Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s new book is titled Poke The Box (Amazon affiliate link).  If you are at all interested in creativity and starting a business, Seth is your guy. It takes a little bit to figure out his style of writing. It’s not smooth, it’s not polished, but it’s effective. He has one of the most read blogs in the world – for a reason.

Why should you read Poke the Box? Because you want to start something. You have an idea, a business, a book, or a blog and you want to create. Not everyone may have this, but you do. “But will anyone care? Will anyone read it?” Doesn’t matter. Go. Do. Ship.

In the business world you want to ship. Create a product, offer a service, and ship it. Send it out. make it go viral. Ship. “But it’s not ready yet… I need a few more weeks to get it finished.” Ship.

One of my biggest goals last year was to start this blog. I had a blog going over on Blogger but I wanted my own self-hosted WordPress blog like so many of the men and women I admire online. But it wasn’t ready. It didn’t look finished, the content wasn’t complete and I couldn’t stand putting a project out there that I wasn’t fully proud of or wasn’t fully complete. Then I realized it would never be exactly where I wanted it to be – it needed to get published, it needed to ship. I launched the next week.

Go buy it - I loved it on Kindle App for iPad

You see failure isn’t an option. “It isn’t an option” a.k.a. “it’s going to happen.” Failure is essential for success. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t been taking many chances, and chances are your product isn’t very good. Check that – it probably *is* good, and that’s the problem. You’re looking for extraordinary.

I go on this “failure” rant because it’s one of my favorite part of Seth’s book.  Do you know how many times Joe Torry got fired?  Fired!?! He failed at his job and they fired him! Three times.  Have you ever been fired?  He was fired three times.  Oh, and now he’s one of the most successful managers in Major League Baseball.

I’ve written about failure before.  I’ll continue to fail and I won’t like it but i know it’s essential for success. Poke the box is about poking the box and taking initiative. Create something. Then ship it. You may fail, you should fail. But you’ll be on the cutting edge and if you really care, you’ll make your adjustments and ship again.

Go buy Poke the Box.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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