Building on the bike

Yesterday I rode another “longest ride ever” distance on the bike. I had a decent 60+ mile week last week and though this week wasn’t as full I went a single distance longer than I’d ever done before, so that’s training. And to be honest it was easy, only limited by time and poor hydration preparation. Starting a new discipline or a new event or workout always produces these kinds of firsts. It’s motivating, but then the question is how do you continue that progress. Not only do you need to continue with longer rides but you also need to continue the regular mid-week rides that support that longer ride on the weekend. This is training, this is the process, this is what I’m falling in love with all over again.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had races on my calendar. That’s means training has taken a toll on me. I’ve worked out just for the sake of working out, trying to stay healthy. It’s a battle that I can endure for a season, but I’d much rather be training for something. If I’m going to do a couple triathlons this year then I need to continue having weeks of lots of miles and rides with most miles ever. That’s how training works, that’s how life works.

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