Anxiety in the water

I am much more efficient in the water than I’ve ever been. And yet in the middle of my workout yesterday I was reminded how much anxiety I have in one aspect of the swim: opposite side breathing.

Triathletes need to be able to breathe on both sides of their body in case there’s waves, sun, or competitors on the strong side. For me this is a challenge for two reasons. First my form is terrible when I breathe on my left. I’m actually kind of shocked at how hard it is to replicate the breathing on my right side. But more critical to my training is the fact that breathing on my left side is often filled with lots of anxiety; since my form is so bad, I always worry that my poor form will lead to me subluxing my shoulder. Both of my shoulders are loose and when I pull so much in the water, that’s a lot of stress on the joint. Additionally if I start pulling too soon (with my body rotated), I put myself at increased risk for subluxation. It’s a mind game. I’m winning the game but it’s a big battle.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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