Celebrating Success

Last week I wrote about a failure in my training. I had a swim workout that was horrible and kind of caught me off guard. I was surprised and then I was frustrated. When I walked away for a few hours, I was able to process what happened and knew it was all part of the learning process. But I still didn’t have any first hand evidence that learning was going to take place, I had no success under my belt.

Yesterday I found that success. I had another swim class and things started to click again. It wasn’t easy. In fact our first 400 meters I thought my legs were going to fall off. And that was our first 400! After that we did a bunch of pulling technique where you can’t use your legs. Now I was worried about my arms falling off! Welcome to swim practice. Even through all this, I had a very successful workout. At the end our coach told us we had done 2100 meters in under 48 minutes – apparently that’s pretty good.

I have a long way to go as a swimmer. But actually after that workout for the first time our coach called me a swimmer. Kind of cool to reach another level in training.

It is really easy to get caught up in both the successes and failures in training, learning, growing. Getting better is a very cognitive process. And I think it’s critical to celebrate the successes. We need to know when we’ve done well.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Success

  1. Lisa

    Definitely critical to celebrate success. As for rough days of training… I always try to conceptualize it this way… You are going to have an off day. It happens. No way to stop it. BUT, better to have an off day during training (or numerous off days for that matter) than have an off day on race day. Allows growth before the finish line.

    Love the post.

    1. Hans Schiefelbein Post author

      Thanks Lisa. So all these comments, when are you going to guest post here?!


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