Rob and Lisa (part 1)

Wednesday 10:52 pm
Tonight, probably for the last time ever, I got to hang out with Rob and Lisa. Schedules, jobs, life… from here on out they will most likely just get in the way and prevent the three of us from sharing each others’ company and a beer together. Tonight ended a season that spanned four semesters with Rob and Lisa. We entered grad school together and became friends fairly quickly. We struggled though classes together and battled to earn our Masters degrees. Now all the work is complete and three of us will be moving on to the next best thing, something bigger, something better.

But I need to document this. I need to reflect on my friends and put a rock down to remember this moment. I guess this post needs to be part one so that I document this specific moment when we said goodbye. Then I can come back and write part two and talk about the story we created together, the story we will take away from our grad school experience. Story is important. People and relationships are important.

I’m ok being sappy. Even if the three of us and our families are the only ones that get something out if this, that’s fine. That’s why it’s nice having my own blog. It’s mine! So when big life things happen, I’m compelled to mark the moment. Rob and Lisa marked a big moment in my life and I am honored to have made such great friends.

Tonight I had good conversation over good beer with great friends.


2 thoughts on “Rob and Lisa (part 1)

  1. Faye Zeman

    Hi Hans

    Loved the Joshua reference af putting the rock down. Used that myself for my son’s teacher appreciation last week. Congratulations on the masters degree. That is a great accomplishment on its own, but to go through that with a young family is a big deal. I hope you stop for a moment and take that in. I remember how that felt getting my kines degree while raising my girls. So a big pat on the back to you, your wife, and your kiddos. Who are all beautiful-by the way. Love reading your blog. God bless you as you enjoy the victory and look forward to the next step in your journey.


    1. Hans Schiefelbein Post author

      Thanks Faye! So good to hear from you. Yes, I now can relate what you guys went though for undergrad with families at home. What a project. I’ll message you some more details. I want to catch up with you.


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