Chapter 05: Adjustments

Working out is hard. Excuses are easy. When life gets in the way, when life gets difficult, many people find ways to skip the gym. Yesterday a client tested me that a meeting had been scheduled for him and he needed to reschedule. He and I meet three times per week. Wouldn’t it be easy to say, “the other two times this week will do. That’s enough for me.”


He asked if I had any other times available. We made it work.

Wanna know an even cooler part? His wife trains with me also. She had a conflict also. And lunch plans. She changed the lunch plans so she and I could still train together. This husband and wife want to get it done!

I’ve said it before, life is a series of adjustments. I admire the people in life who take adversity in stride and make their adjustments to keep pursuing their goals.

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