Chapter 07: One of Those Workouts

Today I’m writing about myself. I enjoy reflecting on my clients and their stories, but today I can’t help but think of the workout I put together for my TRX-KB class. I’ve never felt my arms shake that much during a workout. I was on TRX doing chest press and I literally felt my arms failing me.

There is a lot of science in exercise. We know a ton about the body and its response to physical activity. But sometimes things just add up and you don’t know what is going on. I’ve done similar workouts for over three months, and this one was throwing me for a loop. It makes me think about my clients and how I respond when they aren’t quite “on.” Sometimes there simply isn’t an explanation. Even at 3:30, nine hours after my workout, I can feel the affect. To be honest, I’m kind of dreading the soreness I expect tomorrow.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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