Chapter 09: Race Day

There is a buzz at the start line. People everywhere. Long lines for the bathroom. Lifelong runner, first time runners. Lots of jogging, lots of stretching, lots of long sleeves. And of course those couple crazy guys with the short shorts. Guys, it’s 35° out.

This morning the start of the Madison marathon was a lot of fun for me because it was my opportunity to coach my small group half marathon class. I had two women one who had never raced before and another who had done a couple races but had bad experiences. This time they both had all their training miles so we were all feeling pretty good at the start line. One of them was pretty nervous, said she had too much energy. So I dialed down my excitement. But inside, I knew they had this.

I biked the entire course with them. I would bike ahead, get off my bike, cheer the runners until my girls came by, take some pictures. There were also three other ladies from Pinnacle Health and Fitness, so that was a lot of fun also. Around mile eight I called Katie and told her that I’m very excited for the two of us to run a race again together soon. It’s been many years since we’ve done that, but I’m really looking forward to 2015.

Both my girls finished well. They were happy with their times and felt as good as you can feel after running 13.1 miles in that cold of weather.

Congrats ladies! 

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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