Chapter 13: The Regulator

I could not do my job without my watch. I’m pretty detailed with my workouts, I track everything, and I program everything accordingly. I don’t want clients doing an exercise for 20 seconds without a clearlly defined purpose.  If they are doing something for a few minutes at a time, I don’t want to have to search for a clock. And even for rest periods, I keep that pretty tight also. Rest is a critical component of exercise sessions and I want to know how exactly much rest a client needs so we can push the envelope and train aggressively. 

My watch is a tool of the trade. It’s also a reminder of my standards. I’ve been thinking a lot about personal training. Sadly it doesn’t take a lot for a person to study for a few months and earn a personal training certification. My resume, on the other hand, includes and undergraduate degree (and minor) in the field along with a masters degree in kinesiology. I’m not out to change the personal training industry, but I’m out to promote myself and how I’m different than many other trainers. Excercise is a science and an art. With my watch, I’m constantly reminded to keep my programs scientifice. Know the numbers. Be disciplined with your workouts. Have a plan and stick to it. Then take those results and keept the challenge high and appropriate. You cannot manage what you do not measure.


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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