Chapter 15: Stand Up

I’m sitting in Fiddleheads in Cedarburg. Katie and I are reading and drinking good coffee. My Pocket app is fill unloaded and I’m reading about exercise science and a little bit of tech stuff to prep for a work project for Katie. As I am reading, the table next to me, three middle-aged ladies, start talking about exercise, walking, and their desk jobs. They try to move more. But sometimes they just get into a very important document that requires an bunch of attention to detail. Sometimes they could go two to three hours without standing up. They start to stand up out of their chairs, demonstratimg the pain they feel when they get up. I felt vey bad for them, I want to help. I need to learn.

Worksite wellness has been an interest of mine for years. What I know is that work places are often very unhealthy. It’s not intentional, it’s probably not even noticeable to employers or employees alike. But health professionals like me cringe. “I can stand for two to three hours without standing up.”

The answer isn’t a stand up desk. That was the first thing I thought about. I think that would certainly help. But the answer starts with education, awareness, and then a commitment to health. The culture at work needs to change. We need businesses to understand that their greatest asset is their employees. If that is the case, how do we help them succeed? How do we provide for their health? Because if we do, how far can they go? How happy will they be?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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