Chapter 18: No one will outwork me

I’m that guy. That guy that parks the furthest from the front door. I probably won’t make me healthier. I don’t do it because I’m worried about someone dinging the side of my Ford Fusion. I do it so I can whisper to myself each day, “No one will out work me.”

I believe we talk to ourselves daily. Have you ever noticed? Are there themes in your internal dialogue? Early in the morning, if I’ve had my time in the Bible I hear patterns and certain sections come to mind at certain parts of the day or in certain situations. When I sit at my desk to do exercise programming, I have other thoughts I use to get the work done. And when I pull into the work parking lot, I take my usual parking spot as a reminder that I’m willing to work harder. I’m willing to take the tough route. Not that the extra 20 parking stalls jount will make a huge difference. But the message I want in my head is that I’ll do the work, the hard work, all the work all the time.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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