My latest inspiration for writing: Desk

I’ve absolutely loved Desk, the writing app by John Saddington. It works great, looks fantastic, and motivates me to write as much as I can. I still think in shorter posts – thanks for that, Twitter. And interestingly, I feel it’s John’s previous app, Pressgram, that is also part of why I write shorter posts. What I’m trying to say is John has strengthened my writing muscles. He provides excellent tools and inspiration to write more and write better. 

We all have a story to tell. We all won’t become famous, it’s (obviously) not the point. But I think a lot of people consider “writing” for the professionals. There is so much value gained when you’re forced to write your thoughts and publish them to the world. It’s not about how many people read your stuff, but it’s about taking a stance, telling a story, helping others and yourself grow.

John shot the video in possible the coolest coffee shop in America, Barista Parlor, where I visited on my trip to Nashville in September.

Desk – Simple Desktop Publishing from John Saddington on Vimeo.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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