3 thoughts on “Creative Christmas

  1. Chad Howsden

    I like how you put it, “We don’t need to capture them all. But we can capture some.” I think a lot of times too many people try to “capture” the memory and in doing so, don’t experience it. We’ve found this to be the case a lot with the kids. Hold on, wait, don’t move, let me get my phone. By then, the cuteness is gone and it was missed. Now, we focus on experiencing them and a week or so later have that reminiscent conversation and relive it all over again.

    1. Hans Schiefelbein Post author

      Yep, we’re connecting on the same issue. I have to admit: I’m the worst at this. I’m trying to capture everything and it’s just not how I want to lead my life and my family. Here’s to us being fully present with family, and capturing and sharing a snapshot of those experiences.

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