New Year Writing and Publishing

Welcome to 2014. I’m excited for the newness of the season and the energy of moment. As many people do this time of year, I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on the past, planning for the future. After all, life is a series of adjustments. My last post was an epic recounting of 2013 and I am very proud of what I captured and what I published. But the year also ended with a thought that maybe it’s possible to capture too much.

I am certainly guilty of this mentality. My friend Chad agreed with me (see the comments section). I’ve started the new year thinking about what I publish, what I capture, how I tell the story of my family and my work. I believe firmly in the power of reflecting on life and being intentional in all things. I’m working with my cousin to be more intentional in the way we use Pressgram. I’m talking with Katie about writing more this year. Yes, I’m excited to be here. I hope you are also. I know blogging isn’t for everyone. But I see a strong correlation between people who blog and people who succeed. Blogging can take many forms and can exist on many different levels. Instagram is a form of blogging. So is Facebook and Twitter. OneDay is a great blogging platform that never gets published so it remains personal. You don’t think I publish everything I write, do you?

I won’t blog daily, but the goal is again to blog weekly. I hope you consider writing on a regular basis and publishing some or part of your story this year. I’d follow! Let me know where I can find you. I’ll be right here.


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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