Destin Vacation

I have to put the write-up of Death By Meeting on hold until I get back from vacation. We’re with Katie’s family in Destin, Florida. We drove down April 13 and are heading back.

Katie and Grant in the van.

Steve and Katie at a gas station.

Katie and I before we got any sun (more pictures to come).

Here’s a typical day: a small breakfast, out to the beach mid-morning ’til 4 o’clock, a great dinner, and some activity in the evening. We are having a wonderful time. I’ll get more pictures as they become available.

One thought on “Destin Vacation

  1. Mrs. J

    Glad to see that Katie is okay–I was getting worried there for a little while! Great pix & looks like you had fun–was that w/ the whole clan or just immediate family?


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