Embarrassed to be a Packers Fan

It is a sad day in Wisconsin. Meeting clients at the gym I work at, the tv was tuned to ESPN which was reporting that Brett Favre has been traded to the Jets.

Packers Football was so pure. It had been so great, then it was so bad, and then we got Brett Favre. Now Ted Thompson comes in and drafts Aaron Rodgers (who I think will be really good). Thompson thinks he needs to create his own legacy with his own QB. And all of Wisconsin suffers. Who in their right mind says ‘no’ to Brett Favre? Favre’s last throw was an interception – and a stupid one at that. But he was one score away from the Super Bowl, and nothing has changed since. Yet they don’t want Brett back. It’s bad leadership. This never would have happened under Ron Wolf. Thompson and the Packers need to keep one eye on the future. But AT THE SAME TIME they cannot overlook what is right in front of them – a quarterback legend who wants to play a couple more years.

I’m disgusted with the Packers. I’m embarrassed to be a Packers fan. I wish Brett would have retired rather than be traded away from Green Bay. But this is the sports world we live in now. Nothing’s pure. That was made clear today.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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