First-Person From Kenya

I have a confession: I often see international news through the lenses of an ignorant American. If I take the thought a little further, I’d have to admit that I have learned that the chaos that happens over there… “that’s just what happens over there.” And I’m immune to any sympathetic emotions I may have for the people in these countries where danger and poverty are common.

Until now.

Katie and I support a pastor in Kenya, who Katie met while she was in Bible school in Germany. Geoffrey works with a Children’s Project where they school many students, some of which have lost their parents.

If you haven’t heard, Kenya’s elections created chaos in the country. To learn more, you can read this article from the New York Times:
Kenya, Known for it’s Stability, Topples Into Post-Election Chaos.

When we heard from Geoffrey, he said that he and his family are trapped in their house, and media had been shut off (but he was able to email). His mother-in-law and her children were forced to flee to the forest as their home was burned to the ground – they slept in the forest.

Such news has never reached my ears until I heard it first-person from Kenya. And now (thankfully) I will never be the same.

It’s not over. Here’s the latest communication from Geoffrey:

Dear Hans,
Thank you dear friends for your committiment in prayer for us.
Yesterday there was much fear in our Village that a group of people was coming armed to kill people.We did not sleep but kept on our watch over the whole night.Indeed they came, but praise be to God that their was an heavy prense of the police around.Food and other comodities have become very expensive.Very few people do gaher in the Church since their is no
security enough.A Church in Eldoret was burnt down with a bout 50 people inside who had ran their for their safety.
Today morning,most of the Cities had problems as demonistrators went to the streets.All shops in the Cities and some parts in the villages are closed down.Houses have been burnt and as hundreds of people loosing their lives.
Fear has gone deep into our hearts.Pray for us and our Country and may God save Kenya.
Geoffrey and family.+

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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