Fourth Week

Forgive me one last time if I’m a little cynical about new year’s resolutions. That’s why I’m always encouraging clients and friends to establish a SMART goal and use that as your road map. If you haven’t made at least one goal for 2015, there’s still time. In fact, I’m writing this to challenge you (whether your goal is in hand or yet to-be-determined) to examine your approach. Is it working? Is it still a relevant goal? Is it realistic? You’ve had some time to think about it and now is the time for your first gut check. There will probably be more throughout the year, but after the initial buzz to resolve aspect-X of your life is over, today we find ourselves four weeks into the new year and most likely back to our normal routines.

If you played football at Pewaukee for Coach Lecher, you can hear him . “Life is a series of adjustments!” He’s not yelling like he’s mad. But he’s firm because you’ve gone astray, something happened that knocked you off course and you need a redirection. Maybe your goal was too big; you bit off more than you can chew. Maybe your goal was too small; progress is rolling and you need an extra level of challenge. Maybe you need to adjust your schedule because family needs came up and now the workouts need to happen before work. What happened? How’s it going? Can you be honest with this conversation and make your adjustment?

Pursuing our passions and pursuing our health are difficult tasks. Are they worth it? I believe they are. It is the cognitive, thinking, reflective, strategizing person who can look at the last few weeks, make adjustments, and then put a new plan into place to reach those goals.

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