NaNoWriMo Chapter 3: Game Plan

One question I get a lot when I start people on an exercise program is “what should my weekly training look like?” I love this question! Let’s put together a game plan: cardio is king and the number one thing you’re not doing is strength training. Now I suppose that kind of sounds like I’m saying both are of primary importance: “Hans, which One should I do first?”


Cardio is king. Look up the statistics on heart disease or just take my word for it: it’s wrecking havoc on our country. Train your heart and lungs to improve your vitals. It’s my number one recommendation.

More strength will do wonders for you. Metabolism, body composition, confidence. Imagine tight biceps, strong shoulders, powerful legs. Lift weights for two weeks and you’ll take that imagination to your first results of this new training. And if we play our cards right, you’ll never go back.

This is your game plan: cardio plus strength. Simple, right?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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