Halftime Speech

Summer is about half over.  Our warm weather months have reached the halfway point.  How are you feeling?  Is the summer as busy as usual?  Have you reached your workout and fitness goals?  You know I’m big on S.M.A.R.T. goals! It always seems that if you blink during the summer it’s over.  Well the good news is that we have three solid months of good weather, and if November treats us well it will be great conditions for a turkey trot.

I’m here to give you the Halftime Speech.  We’re in the locker room.  We’ve played a good first half but we’re down a few points.  We need a strong second half to win this game.  And we’re going to do it!  But since I don’t know you or your goals, I’m going to have to tell you what I expect – no matter where you’re at:

I expect you to improve: This year your fitness should be better than last year.  Our culture rewards those who improve.  At work, in sports, in politics, the arts.  Whatever you’re doing it should always be getting better.  Fitness is the same way.  Are you faster than last year?  Are you stronger?  Are you more consistent in getting the workouts in?

I expect you to do your best: My life is extremely busy.  I’m guessing yours is also.  But I can still say I’m doing my best.  I have the race to prove it!  I ran my fastest half marathon ever this year.  What about you?  Can you look in that proverbial mirror and confidently say at the end of the day, “I did my best work today”?  If so, well done.  That’s a huge accomplishment and very important as you navigate life.  Life may be getting busy and so your best may require a series of adjustments.

I expect you to know the next challenge: What’s next?  Even if it’s small baby steps, what’s the next challenge that will keep you working hard towards your health and fitness goals?  One more day of lifting per week?  Speed workouts to bring down your race time?  Trying yoga or Pilates for the first time?  Religiously working out three days per week instead of 1-2 most weeks?  Keep that challenge out there in front of you.  Share it with a close friend.  Share it with me – we’ll be workout partners.  (If you’re interested, mine involves a P, 90, and an X. )

I expect you challenge someone else: If you’re reading this (especially this far) chances are you’ve bought into the exercising mantra that I preach.  And it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a coach or an experienced athlete or whatever – if you believe in living a healthy lifestyle, encourage someone else to join your or even to do it on their own.  It’s a message of strength and health and even community.  Working out, staying fit, challenging yourself is such a great building block to have in your life.  Cheer someone on towards their own personal greatness!


Are you in? Are you satisfied with your effort and your results?  Healthy pride is a good thing.  Let’s work hard in this second half of the summer and roll into fall in great shape.  I’m always here to help.  I’d love to hear some responses in the comment section.


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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