Faithful Four

Three years ago I started a Sports Conditioning class at the health club I was working for at the time.  This class consisted of mostly high-performing athletes, but also some very dedicated clients who were strict in their attendance.  As a former athlete and certified trainer, I knew the drills, exercises, and activities that made up the bulk of our workouts each week.  But part of my philosophy is is to make the workouts timeless.  I want my athletes to have a foundation to work from.  Every drill doesn’t have to be the newest fad of the year.

So I developed the Faithful Four.  Four exercises that have proven over time to be essential for overall fitness.  You could do these four and add a little cardio for a complete workout.  For our Sports Conditioning, we used the Four as a jump start to our workouts – we did them right after a solid warm up.

What are the Faithful Four?

  1. push-ups
  2. sit-ups
  3. squats
  4. lunges

I love two things about these exercises. First, they don’t require any equipment.  That’s why I call them the Faithful Four.  They are always with you.  Consequently you have to excuse not to be doing them.  Second, they have endless variations, so when you’re bored with them there are plenty of ways to change it up.

The thing about Faithful Four is that I didn’t come up with any of them in and of themselves.  I simply took a solid group of exercises and made them my own by organizing them with a specific purpose in mind: quick, simple foundational fitness.

What I loved about it with the Sports Conditioning class is that more than one of them have commented that they still do the Faithful Four even since I left the club (and the class).

Do you have any essential drills or exercises in your routine?  Does your workout need a a foundation to build on?  Consider the Faithful Four and see how far you can go with it.

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