Finding my Voice

I’ve been blogging for about five years now. It was back in 2006 that I started a Blogger account and said “hello” to the world. Back then it was a blog about adventure while I planned and executed my Game Plan. Starting a blog was a great way to find a voice and process my thoughts. I didn’t have many readers, but I still grew a lot and created a small community of followers.

Today my blog looks completely different. I’ve upgraded from the Blogger platform to WordPress. I’ve significantly improved my following and the quality of the content that I publish each week. But I’m still trying to find and establish my voice.

It’s really easy with blogging to talk about every subject where you have any bit of interest. For me these would include sports, photography, books, leadership, blogging, exercise, and productivity. Do you know anyone who consistently writes about that many topics? Me neither. That’s because it’s hard enough to write excellent content with one or two topics in mind. So I have a dilemma.

Jim Collins’ classic business book, Good to Great, teaches us that successful people have a single goal: become the best in the world at your craft. I wrestled with this initially because I thought, “How can I be the best in the world at my craft?” I took the challenge as a literal standard. But I’ve learned that Collins was talking about doing your craft to the best of your ability, becoming an expert, and putting aside distractions that lead you away from this pursuit.
I’ve narrowed my blog down to the following tagline: In pursuit of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. But I’m still trying to find my voice. I write about exercise but I think a lot about business issues like leadership and productivity. And I’m always making commentaries about life as a I grow into my role as husband and father.

The problem is that those extra distractions aren’t bad. They’re good – really good. But for the sake of my audience, I need to become the best in the world. It’s my goal to be the first person you think of when you think of exercise, health and fitness. I’ll still write about the business side of things. It may leak out into this blog or I may start another blog. Either way, I’m still establishing my voice in teh exercise world, so thanks for being patient.

Do you have a voice? Do you blog or write anywhere? I’d love to check out what your platform looks like. Please let me know where I can find you. And with this blog, let me know other issues you’d like me to write about regarding exercise and health.

2 thoughts on “Finding my Voice

  1. Karin Nicora

    Hey Hans!

    I agree with the need for more information on all of these subjects! They really are topics that most people want to grow in, but few take the time or make the commitment to make it happen.  So, thank you for your passion for all these areas, and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hans Schiefelbein

      Karin, thanks for reading. There’s the people who write about it, live it, and those that just don’t get it. Glad you’re in the discussion with me. I’m pretty passionate about publishing content and growing as a man and as a small business owner. It makes life fun and challenging. Ever think of writing?


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