Sorin turns 3

The wonderful thing about a blog is that it’s personal.  I can reserve the right to use this blog as personal tool to document what’s happening in life.  I’ve been very wrapped up in business development and exercise training.  But life is still moving on and just because I don’t write about life and family doesn’t mean it isn’t important or noteworthy.

I am so excited to take this opportunity to write about and celebrate Sorin’s birthday.  I already mentioned him on Twitter today:

My Tweet about Sorin's birthday

I was talking with Katie tonight that his first two birthdays were good, but this one was the first where Sorin really understood that it was a special day for him.  Last night we were getting home from family reunion and my mom and dad came over for dessert.  Katie had made these cake-pops.  They tasted as awesome as they look.

Cake-pops were delicious!

Sorin's birthday dessert of choice









We were able to explain that Sunday night was just his birthday party, but that the next day was his birthday.  The set-up was wonderful and worth it because this morning he came out of his room and immediately asked: “Is it my birthday party?”  Easily the best part of my day.

I was also happy that he was up early enough to open his gift before I left for work.  This was critical for the day because we got him this scooter.

Early morning snack and ride

6:45am gift opening!












I wanted him to be able to play with it all day.

I had to work all day, and it was a long day.  But when I got home, Katie had the kids out in the yard.  I slowly drove up and said hi to the kids from the car.  They love waving at me as I drive up.  Katie told Sorin to show me the scooter, and he ran to the garage.  I was so impressed with how well he rode the scooter.  He’s such a little boy – I can’t imagine loving him any more that today.


We went to Glass Nickel Pizza for dinner.  Seems appropriate – pizza parlor for a kid’s birthday.  He got to choose the toppings (with slight suggestions from us): sausage, green pepper, and pineapple.

"Pizza! Happy birthday to me!!!"








When we got home, my parents wanted to walk him to Culvers for ice cream.  Earlier in the day Katie took him and Norah to the Children’s Museum, one of his favorite places in Madison.  At dinner he told me about seeing the chickens they have on the rooftop.  It was a great family day.

What can I say about Sorin? He’s very smart.  He is verbalizing really well and his conversation with people is excellent.  Sorin’s at that point where he asks a lot of questions, especially “why?”.  He takes great care of Norah.  He helps her eat.  And when he and her get laughing (for example in their car seats or playing on the couch) it is the greatest thing to watch and listen.  Sorin is cautious.  He just got comfortable going down the slide at Fort.  Of course he loves movies, our iPhones and iPad, but he also loves books.  He’s been singing more.

Three years ago my life changed forever.  I love being a dad.  I’m learning each day how to grow in that area.  I take great pride in helping Sorin grow up the right way.  I’m happy to report that Sorin is very happy and healthy.  What a blessing.

Happy birthday Sorin!


5 thoughts on “Sorin turns 3

  1. The_carrs

    Hi Birthday family!! Soooo loved the birthday and how excited Sorin was with the Scooter,that smile could not have been any bigger! He will have great fun with that.

    His card will be coming this week, we’ll just say its birthday week extended! Bought it on time, and then Gayle and Sophie spent the weekend with us, so lots got put on the back burner.

    love you all,
    Aunt Dawn


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