I Got Quesadillas

I got quesadillas for dinner tonight. Does this deserve a blog entry? If you knew how good I eat b/c of my wife, you’d understand.

Katie and I had a pretty full day. Nothing stressful, but we had church, errands, homework, and then Katie went for a run (yeah, a COLD run). When she went for a run, I cleaned a little and ran to see a friend who was in town. When I got back, Katie was in the kitchen still in her running clothes. She said her run was “excellent” and in the same breath, she said she was making a treat for us tonight. Our plan was to stay in and watch a movie or West Wing. And Katie was making quesadillas!

All I want is for everyone to know how great of a wife I have. After a long, cold run on a Sunday afternoon of a busy weekend, my wife is making our night all the better with her excellent cooking. Tonight, I got quesadillas.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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