I’ve helped 3 Kickstarter campaigns – please join this one

The first Kickstarter campaign I ever supported was for Donald Miller’s movie adaptation for Blue Like Jazz. I hardly knew what Kickstarted was back then. The second one was for PressGram by John Saddington. This one is pretty cool because I get to be a beta tester for the photo app he’s building.* Anyway, I don’t do Kickstarter campaigns a lot. Additionally I don’t ask a lot on this blog. But I’m going to combine those two and ask (hard!) that you support a Kickstarter campaign that I think you’ll really enjoy.

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Are you an entrepreneur? Are you trying to figure out the next season of your life? Are you feeling the urge to do something big – personal or professional, but need that extra motivation to get you over the hump? I think Shaun King’s book “100 Life Goals” will be a significant catalyst to get you to that next level. Shaun is a in my top 10 reads on Twitter. The guy is just hitting the ball out of the park. He used to be a pastor and has been doing a lot of digital online work as a “Techie-Humanitarian.” How cool is that?!

Shaun is writing a book and the guy has the experience to put some awesome thoughts on that paper. It will be worth the read.What does Shaun do? He started this organization called HopeMob. You know flash mobs, right? Well he said we need to take that “mob” mentality when disaster strikes and do good! So when those tornadoes ravaged through Oklahoma… he was on Twitter all night pushing people to give through his organization. And 100% of the money goes to the cause. I gave that night. Because Shaun is a difference maker.

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I just gave to the Kickstarter campaign and here’s what I’m asking you. Please consider joining our team. I’m hoping to get 25 of my friends to do this. Hey, you get a book! If you support this project, read the book, and don’t like it – I’ll buy it back from you! I’ve never done anything like this, but when you see the good people in life, you jump on board and help when help is needed. And we need your support.

Thanks for reading. I hope the links provide some good insight into what Shaun is doing. You know how to reach me if you have any questions or comments. And now – be a Kickstarter!


* You can see my experiments with Pressgram in the menu bar (far right) on this blog. More about Pressgram later.





* You can see my experiments in the menu bar (far right) on this blog.  More about Pressgram later.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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