kids of college friends

My college buddy’s kid, Lindson, and Sorin playing at Hoyt Park

I had a fascinating experience this afternoon. I was at Adam and Erin Turner’s going away party and Sorin was I had gone down to the playground. Sorin started playing with Adam’s son, Lindson, and it dawned on me how long Adam and I had been friends. In fact we had become friends before I even met Katie (I’m not sure when he met Erin). And now our kids were playing together. Sharing time on the swings, talking together, getting to know each other the way 4- and 6-year olds do. In my mind I imagined Sorin saying to Lindson, “our dads were friends in college?”

It’s a pretty neat experience when you build up enough years and stories so that moments like this can happen and you can see how lives weave together into beautiful art.