Just done being sore

I can’t say that I’m complaining. The soreness that I’m just getting over is 7 days old now. At the annual Robertson family reunion, the guys get together and play some football. I tried to make a quarter of it tackle this year, but that didn’t happen. And as it turned out, I got beat up enough playing two-hand touch.

We played Thanksgiving morning and the day after. I think I’m so sore b/c I didn’t really take any plays off. I’m out there running as fast and as hard as I can. And I really miss (from the high school days) the rough tackling and blocking and diving on the ground. A little hitting before the game, some sliding catches during the game, and hitting Justin off the line makes for some aches and pains afterwards. And Uncle Paul packs more of a punch than I expected (nice blocking).

But what a time to bond with the guys. Throwing a football and playing the greatest game in the world. On the second day, there were huge flakes falling from the sky as we played. Tucked in a little field, it was a picture-perfect setting.

My one regret is that we didn’t take any pictures – my bad.

2 thoughts on “Just done being sore

  1. Steve

    What? Are you a little girl?
    Touch football and sore, those two things just don’t seem to add up. I played and I’m 53 and you don’t see me limping around or complaining. Maybe real manhood kicks in after 40.
    Now Hans, don’t take offense, it’s just your father-in-law teasing you. As of last night my lip and teeth just fully healed up. Call Norman for some pictures. He took some great ones.

  2. KMS

    This is a great post : ) – I loved it – and Dad your comment is REALLY funny : )I just keep laughing abou your lip and teeth…


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