Lonely Sunrise

This morning I know one thing. I am not complete without my wife. (Still sounds weird: my wife.)

I guess I’m in one of the best situations if she’s going to be gone – I’m at a leadership conference with my colleagues in the college ministry along with other Blackhawk leaders. So I feel good, busy, challenged, and ambitious. But I’ve never had a night like last night when I come home to an empty house. I miss talking to her about my day, hearing about hers, and doing the daily things like dinner together. It was lonely to wake this morning in an empty bed. I have things in perspective, and I know more experienced couples might chuckle at my first night without the wife. But this blog wouldn’t be complete without this entry because she’s that important to me. Can I be thankful for being apart for these two days? Yes I can, because I need to be reminded of what I have to appreciate her when she’s gone. So Katie – I miss you. I miss your eyes and I miss your soul. Although I wish you were in my arms, it’s amazing to close my eyes and feel your presence in my life and our connection of heart and mind.

It feels like India all over again – I have to write you on this computer to talk to you. Actually, I forgot my cell at home, so I’m really hoping you’re checking this like I said. Tell your dad Bono hit the ball out of the park. Tell your mom I’m looking forward to our next leadership discussion. I’ll talk to you later today, but not before I go get my phone.

I love you and carry you with me always.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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