Love This Book: the vlog

Five years ago my church went through the Bible in a year. It was called “Eat This Book” The goal was to get through the text in a year. It was a very ambitious project. This year the challenge is called “Love this Book,” and the goal is just that – to fall in love with the Bible. What does that look like? How will we know if we are on the right path? What will the life of a Christ-follower look like in June, in September, or at the end of the year after going through this series? I’m asking all of these questions in my newest project on the blog – it’s my LTB vlog!

I’ll probably update this page throughout the year – for now here is my one disclaimer. My purpose is to document what it looks like to go through a year-long reading plan. I am not a Bible teacher. I am not a professional “vlogger.” I’m just hoping that seeing someone else spend a week reading, writing and reflecting will encourage others to participate.

LTB 001

LTB 002

LTB 003 // What is Love?

LTB 004 // On This Mountain

LTB 010 || Getting Through Leviticus

LTB 011 || What’s Next?

LTB 012 || Singin’ In The Car

LTB 013 || Pivot and Feature All Three

LTB 014 || I Know Where This Goes

LTB 015 || All Caught Up

LTB vlog 016 || Transition

LTB vlog 017 || On the Shoulders of Giants

LTB 018 // Embrqcing the Process


LTB 019 || Stay Focused

LTB 020 || Series of Adjustments

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