Munich and on to Frankfurt

The train ride to Munich was a little difficult because Katie had a migrane. She slept most of the way, and to make things worse, we could only find a seat in smoking. That was difficult for me, so we changed seats after the first stop. We had to change seats a couple more times because Katie was facing the wrong way, which made the migrane worse. When we got off in Munich, I realized we had left a bag on the train. I threw my bag off and ran back to the train. When I got on, I was frantically looking under the seats for it. Finally, I found it and got off the train (I was worried it might take me off to another city without my wife!!!).

Munich has been great. We had pizza again at our favorite place – Monaco Pizzaria. Literally, the best pizza I have ever had. Munich is by far my favorite city. Yesterday we rented bikes and really got to see a lot more of the city. We went to Nymphenburg, where the original ruling family lived. We had lunch packed and ate in the Enlish Garten. So many people out there – very social and recreational.

We finished off the day with a couple red brats. After taking our bikes back and walking the city, we will be on a train at 15:00 for Frankfurt. As the trip comes to an end and we prepare to fly out of Frankfurt, I eagerly await to begin putting more money away for our return trip to Germany.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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