NaNoWriMo Chapter 6: Lifestyle

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to remind you that health and fitness is a lifestyle decision, a long-term play as opposed to a group of exercises. Training is something we do with purpose and a game plan. We can execute the game plan because we know it leads to our intended goal. And the process to reach that goal is best suited to a lifestyle rather than a task list.

I have learned as a trainer to fully educate potential clients on the lifestyle requirement of health. I often use playing a musical instrument as an example. You cannot expect to get better at the instrument if you practice one or two times per week. Proficiency requires a lifestyle. You don’t get better at push-ups read or talking about push-ups: you need to put in the work.

Before you push-back on the lifestyle of fitness, know that I’m not suggesting people become gym rats or start a home gym. What I’m proposing is realistic expectations of what it takes to build the human body into a healthier version of its current state. Anything less than a dedicated and strategic lifestyle is setting yourself up for failure.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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