NaNoWritMo Chapter 7: Specificity Principle

Sometimes clients suggest a proficiency in one sport or exercise should correlate to another, and I have to tell them about the specificity principle. An example: I will be competing in triathlon next summer and my weakest leg is the swim. This off-season I’ll be getting in the pool to work on my technique, endurance, and confidence. And the only way to get better at swimming is… swimming! Sure, if I run and bike and lift weights the swim will go better. My cardiovascular and muscular systems will be stronger, but don’t forget about the principle of specificity: only swimming will make swimming better.

With exercise training, the Specificity Principle says a particular muscle or movement is only improved by working that same muscle or movement. So you may be asking what ‘specifics’ should we be working?

That’s what the next six chapters will be about: specifics. See you tomorrow.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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