NCAA Tournament – 1st two rounds

Well the NCAA Tourney is upon us – what a great time of the year. Now Katie’s fully involved, so much so that SHE organizes the office pool! This year Easter weekend falls on the first and second rounds, so I’ve never watched so much basketball. We were home since Thursday night b/c Katie’s sister Tori was coming home from England. Of course Wisconsin played Thursday night, and we watched them handle Cal-State Fullerton. But I was nervous about their second round game with USC – oh wait! USC lost to Kansas State. Well that made my day so much better, as we watched a much more balanced Badger team easily handle the one-player team that is/was the Kansas State Wildcats.

Each night Katie got tired and was off to bed early, so I was able to stay up with dad and Grant to watch basketball. They tried to stay up as late as they could, but each night I closed down the tournament’s final game watching teams go down to the wire. Friday night Villanova’s defense baffled Clemson and knocked out the 5th seed. Saturday night Michigan State handled Pitt and UCLA barely beat Texas A&M.

Easter Sunday was tough to watch hoops (but we managed to see some of the Tennessee game). Katie and I headed back around 3:30 and came home to watch the last disc of the Office Season 3. We woke up this morning to find out that Georgetown had lost!! This is a big deal b/c it was the 2-seed, and our next opponent. Now we play Davidson!!

I told Katie on Sunday morning that I found myself caring very little about my bracket. (That way when she beats I have less emotion tied to my bracket.) I just want to see really good basketball games, and some upsets. Katie and I agree that we’re seeing things we didn’t see last year. It’s always something new – new, but different.

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  1. mom in law

    Katie, basketball, brackets, watching games for hours…never thought I’d see the same words in a paragraph:)Now that is victory for you Hans!


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