Packers Game

How can you not love free tickets? I have to thank Kristi for her gift “from one Packers fan to another.” Every time we get together we go on and on about the Packers and their season. But I have to be honest – the Detroit game worried me.

On this side of the win it seems a little odd to discuss. But playing a team that has lost all 15 games is a scary game – especially for a Packers team that has nothing to play for. Yet Tim and I went up to Green Bay and bundled ourselves up for the cold. I love that stadium. The last time I was there I was with Katie (again, thanks to Kristi) for the Bears game last season. It was 85 degrees and the Packers lost. I’m a cold weather guy – football is meant to be played when it’s cold and the ground is really, really hard. So the Detroit game was perfect.

The sign says it all…

No fans are better than Packers fans. At the stadium everyone is cool. Everyone is nice. Everyone must be neighbors. That’s were we parked – in a neighborhood a mile from Lambeau. It was great. I learned something on Sunday – I never imagined there were so many female snowmobilers in Wisconsin!

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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