Who Is Pushing You?

We all work really hard.  But sometimes we just need that extra source of motivation to take things to the next level.  I’ve done a few things this season to take my training for races to the next level.  I wrote about one of them just last week.  I’m forming a team to support me as I run Madison Half Marathon and the money will go to World Vision.  Here’s where you can join my team.

But sometimes the motivation needs to come in the form of small picture execution.  “How can I do better today?”  I usually train alone so I know that it’s really easy to get in a routine of going through the motions on my runs.  Well over the weekend a friend on Facebook (who is training for Madison full marathon) ran 8 miles in under 64 minutes.  That means he average under 8 minutes per mile, for 8 miles!  I was pretty impressed.  So I tucked that one away and brought it out for my next run.

I’m not fast enough or strong enough to keep up with my friend, and I knew that going into the run.  But his splits (“8 under 8” he called it) were repeating in my head during my entire run.  It helped me stay aggressive.  I ended up running 8:11 minute miles.  And I’m very happy with that.

Do you ever need motivation to take things to the next level?  Do you look for these sources or talk to others about taking things up a notch?  Successful people find ways to challenge the status quo and push the limits.

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